Students Victimized by Police are Conflicted over NYPD presence in schools

Source: Can Pac Swire on Flickr. NYPD Police Car (School Safety)

“As recent calls to “defund the police” sweep the nation, some students who have police in their schools feel conflicted about their safety.

Shadowproof spoke to students in New York, who felt the presence of police is overwhelming in most cases. However, they see police as their only protection against legitimate security concerns presented by one of their peers bringing a firearm, knife, or other deadly weapons to school.

Unfortunately, experts say that police in schools are not only unnecessary for kids to feel safe, but fail to actually ensure their safety as well.

‘The police, as a whole, are already funded entirely too much,’ Lorraie Forbes said. She is a recent graduate of Clara Barton High School.

‘You look at the funding for education or anything having to do with community or child services” and it’s severely underfunded in comparison to ‘any form of defense in this country,’ which is “funded way too much.’”

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